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How do people get what they want at work? In most cases, they take actions on their own behalf. But which actions? Which activities matter most to workplace satisfaction? Select the five actions you believe are most important for you to take in order to get what you want at work.

Select five:

Ask my boss and/or others clearly for what I want.
Take full responsibility for my workplace satisfaction and success.
Manage my own career.
Gain the respect I want in my workplace.
Keep my current job interesting.
Balance the time spent at work and with my family.
Pursue several different career options.
Learn to market myself internally.
Get plenty of information about my workplace.
Deal effectively with jerks at work.
Have more fun, right where I am.
Connect to others in my workplace.
Find the mentors I need.
Know what Iím worth and how to get paid accordingly.
Seek opportunities at work.
Build passion into my work.
Question the rules when they donít make sense.
Find reward in my work.
Request the elbow-room I want and need.
Solicit feedback to know how others see me.
Listen hard to understand others and my organization.
Know what I value and how to find it on the job.
Take care of myself, physically and emotionally.
Bridge the generation gaps at work.
Give power away to get results.
Strive for higher levels of workplace satisfaction continually.

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